Recover Private Key from disk image

I recently wiped my Windows installation and reinstalled everything fresh. (So fresh and so clean!)

I did create a disk image of my previous drive and I still have the original OS.

Now I need to setup my passbolt chrome extension again but I don’t know where I saved my private key.

I presume it is possible to extract my private key directly from AppData/Local/Google/Chrome/User Data but I am not sure where the data is stored. Has anyone attempted this?

Is passbolt private key stored in browser Local Storage?

I wonder if it would be easier to just launch an instance of Chrome pointing to the old User Data dir and extracting it normally…

Yes you are on the right track it’s possible.

You can try to search the files for the private key there (in Local Extension Settings). find . | xargs grep 'BEGIN PGP PRIVATE' > found

That would most likely work too.

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