Recovery URL for Chrome

I’m setting up a new machine for myself. I’ve got the Passbolt chrome extension installed and have issued a recovery for the account. However the recovery URL sent to me does not work in Chrome anymore (it used too as I’ve done this before but a while back). The URL I’m getting is in the form of:


When Chrome loads this we get: Your file couldn’t be accessed, it may have been moved, edited, or deleted.

We’re on a little bit older version of Passbolt and it does look like the Chrome path for extensions may have changed. What would the new URL be? If I can get this up and going on the new machine I can work to upgrade Passbolt.


@dneely which version of passbolt are you using server side / client side?

Found it:
Version 2.12.0
The plugin version is 3.0.7 though.

I’ve not seen this error before. I’d suggest updating to v2.14 at least to see if that solves your issue. The update should be straight forward from v2.12. We’ve had a major redesign of the setup / recove process and backward compatibility was not tested that far back.

Ok. My issue is that I cannot upgrade just this second. I need to quickly get setup on this new machine and can then work on upgrading Passbolt. Do we know what the expected URL would be that would allow for the chome extension to recover? If I could at least manually craft the recovery URL I could get going with this machine and work on the Passbolt upgrade.

Thanks for jumping in on this remy. I seem to have sorted out my issue:

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