Registering other devices


Just wondering when I register another device I will not get an email. So if I have laptop 1 registered I get the email no issues for the account recovery but when I get laptop 2 I do the exact same thing entering the email address that I used with laptop 1 I get no email. Is there a better way to register new devices?


Hi @Daniel_Son89 Let me make sure I understand.

  1. You register as a user using laptop 1, then uninstall your extension. When you perform an account recovery on laptop 1, you enter in your email address and get an email successfully and your extension is active once again.
  2. You have laptop2 and when you enter the same email address for your passbolt account used in the account recovery in part 1, you get no email sent to you.

If this is correct, part 2 is not expected. We would expect you to get another email. The “account recovery” process is the process also used for registering the browser extension on additional devices.

Why would this happen? Maybe you have a separate coinciding issue with your mail server that just so happened to start after your first account recovery?

Are you getting emails at all from passbolt for other things?

Here’s a recent post that can help you find unsent emails in the db: Email not sending [Office365 app password needed] - #7 by clayton

Actually, you were right on the money with the mail server part. I’m happy to admit I built my Microsoft Exchange 2019 server at home and I’ve got that running on my VMware host. So the issue was I was using the external SMTP name rather than the internal DNS name. I’ve not got the in DNS for some reason. Anywhere corrected it with the internal DNS address and everything single bit of email from Passbolt comes in now.

I registered up laptop 2 and I got the email.
Cheers Garrett. Sometimes you just need that extra thought to look at something different

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