Reinstalling passbolt using previously used db

Hello Passbolt Community.

We had passbolt as our password manager initially, but then along the line we decided to have an in-house password Manager.

We have grown and the management sees the need to re-engage passbolt again. The problem is , we would like to use the exact email addresses we had used initially during configuration.

This is throwing an error that email addresses already exist. There is no option to reset password. another problem is , the computer systems we had used in the initial configuration have been disposed.

How can we go about this ? Please assist

If you have a number of users with this issue and you haven’t been actively using passbolt(for example not many passwords and all passwords stored elsewhere) it might be easiest to just start fresh with a new install.

Would that be something that would make sense in your environment or do you still have passwords that are only in passbolt?

We don’t have users who are currently on Passbolt. The idea was to retain the as the master email address instead of creating another one .

Is this possible ?

Hi @jil You are describing that your old database which is on a separate machine is being used again while you are attempting to reinstall passbolt on a new machine. The old db records persist, it seems, and you are wanting to use the same email address but the db already has a record of that email, correct?

What action are you attempting that is throwing the error? Are you on the command line? In the web browser? It’s not clear what you have already attempted and more information about that would be helpful, including which install method you are performing.

Are you not able to create a new database for a new install? That is what @clayton was recommending.

However, if you have your recovery kit and admin passphrase from before and are not wanting to have all the users re-register, you could attempt a migration of the old db into use with the new install. This is the same process as an upgrade from one major version to the next, and the help site has instructions for that specific to your OS flavor.

This is the scenario.

  1. In our organization, we used passbolt before deciding to adopt an on-premises solution designed by our developers.
  2. The management decides to go back to passbolt after many years.
  3. The idea is to retain the same email address used to register passbolt initially i.e
  4. However, trying to use this email address, is recognized as existing in the passbolt databases.
  5. The forgot password option doesn’t work or do I say it doesn’t send password reset instructions to
  6. I understand passbolt is machine specific i.e you must use the machine you initially did configurations from. We have lost track of these machines as they were disposed of.
  7. How do we thus reset the password using the

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This should be possible.

This is expected.

You could check the db for recovery links using info in this recent post Can not send test email, create any user, or get authentication email back from passbolt at login [mail host blocking From: address] - #7 by clayton

What version of passbolt was used before? User keys are kept in the db so although the public and private server keys may change, and the users would need to acknowledge that upon recovering their account in the new install, the critical data should be there.

I will give an update on the version on Saturday.

Let me check on the guide you have shared .