Remember until signed out -does not exists in Windows app

In the web application this feature exists and it I could say is absolutely necessary.
Windows app seems to be identical as much as possible to web one but option to remember password ( keep logged in ) does not exists :frowning:
Are you going to implement it ?Is it possible in other way to keep application logged in all time ?


Hello @krzys128, the Windows application should remember your passphrase until you voluntarily sign-out or your machine is not able to reach the API and you get signed-out. There might be a bug that is fixed with the newly published v1.1.0, could you confirm the behavior with the latest version?

well, where can I find version 1.1 ? On Github, where I downloaded my copy, the newest one is 1.0.0 from 10th of April.
I cannot download it from MS Store ( if there is another version) due to security reasons.