Robot Taxi (Waymo) 🤖

I have been taking Waymo around Los Angeles and I find the experience truly amazing! Check out the videos.

Just wow :flushed: it is incredible man :open_mouth: great experience

Does the car can challenge the music you put? [troll-face]

Weymo is google right?

I read that Cruise was banned from California, does waymo continue?

Waymo is amazing :rocket:

I think Google moved the ownership to Alphabet.

Cruise is banned.

I got a promo code to try Waymo before public release. Waymo is hoping for a Los Angeles permit for public release in early January 2024.

The rides are amazing and safe. Even in the rain :cloud_with_rain:

You can link your Google music to the car or play streaming music.

The streets around my apartment are very narrow. Waymo does excellent job. It will turn into the other car to make it move so that it gets room just like a human would. It is very very impressive.

After many hours of trips I can legitimately say it works!


Hoping to try it soon!
Maybe when I trip to LA xd

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