Search process Keepass vs Passbolt

Just a small things but it changes a lot …

type a string in search field . It returns list of matching strings . When you click on one, proper directory on the left gets marked. Click on this marked directory open it and set focus on proper login/password ( this one typed in search fileld) - success . After two clicks you have access to suitable password and other from the same “family”

type a string in search field . It returns list of matching strings . But when you want to open directory with this password you need

  1. clink on the Location > directory , it sets directory on the left .
  2. again click on marked directory and … search again string inside it . Success a few clicks later.

1:0 for Keepass. In fact the score changes from 0:10 to 1:10 for Passbolt :wink:

Maybe not everyone feels the difference but Keepass interacts with me. To get the same in Passbolt I need interact with Passbolt .

Agree, we are also in process of moving from KeePass to Passbolt and missing “Search in folders” functionality is critical for us (we have lots of folders by customers and we are unable to use it nicely).
There is also a similar discussion already: [PB-29381]

From 2022 there is a nice document / analysis also, there is also info from 2023 it is in roadmap, but we can’t see it in main roadmap futures… Advanced Search Functional specifications

This one is scheduled for 4.9.0 (e.g. next release as we speak)

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And is this information (which PB is planned in each future release) somewhere public? Than it will be super fine for all others…