Self hosted install issues, The browser extension is not configured to work with this domain

I am having issues getting user management to work. I have created an admin account just fine but as soon as I log off I cant get back in. Additionally when users visit from other parts of the network they get the same error and arent allowed to register.

Hello @sysadmin2019,

Could you provide us with more information :

  • information about your server (component names and versions, passbolt versions)
  • a copy of your server logs and healthcheck
  • a copy of your browser logs and screenshots


what server / browser logs do you need specifically. Where are the files you are asking for located.
As for the set up its running on debian machine. its running the latest passbolt downloaded two days ago.

I have second issue that is, i have set the machine up on a locally hosted domain. I set the apache directive to the local ip and the app directive to blank which works fine but when the email is sent it only shows ‘localhost’ if i set the app directive to the ip address then passbolt doesnt load at it since it looks for the css and related files on the root directory instead of the webroot directory.

so anymore details to solve this

I have second issue that is, i have set the machine up on a locally hosted domain.

Passbolt requires a domain reachable by all people on your network to work.

It will be simpler if you copy/paste here you config/passbolt.php and your apache configuration.

The application logs can be found in logs/error.log.

I have posted the 3 files on pastebin as there was a lot of text. I hope we can figure this out soon.

thank you

In you config/passbolt.php I can see that the fullBaseUrl under the section app is not configured ?
It should be set with the url of the passbolt you are going to access it after installation.

well i set the baseurl to the local ip address that makes it so the css doesnt load anymore. it tries to go into that directory http://password.local/password.local/auth/login

The fullBaseUrl should include the protocol also. In your case http://password.local

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