Share password is not working on latest passbolt CE

Hello All ,

I installed latest passbolt-CE in container form.

Version: passbolt/passbolt:latest

Passbolt is accessible via Azure Application gateway.

Issue: Everything is working except the share password functionality. In the developer tool → console section, getting below error:

“PassboltBadResponseError: An internal error occurred. The server response could not be parsed. Please contact your administrator.
at ApiClient.fetchAndHandleResponse (chrome-extension://didegimhafipceonhjepacocaffmoppf/index.min.js:81878:13)
at async ResourceService.findAllForShare (chrome-extension://didegimhafipceonhjepacocaffmoppf/index.min.js:83369:22)
at async ResourceModel.findAllForShare (chrome-extension://didegimhafipceonhjepacocaffmoppf/index.min.js:75607:26)
at async Port. (chrome-extension://didegimhafipceonhjepacocaffmoppf/index.min.js:51548:35)”

One more error :

stack: “SyntaxError: Unexpected token < in JSON at position 0”

Can anyone please help here. Thanks!


It looks like you’re getting an incorrect answer from the server. The client expects some JSON and you are getting some HTML. This HTML could maybe be generated maybe by the gateway in place of the server response and passbolt extension doesn’t know how to handle it.

Can you check the server response in the web extension and give us the response?
If the response comes from passbolt can you check the server logs for more information?


Hello Remy,

I am not getting anything on the server logs.

I have added the rewrite rule to add the “content-type: application/json” in the response header.

Still facing the same issue.

Can you enable debug of the extension ?

If you are using Google Chrome can you please go to: chrome://extensions

  • Activate the Developer mode in the top right corner
  • Look for the Passbolt card and click details button
  • Look for the Inspect views and the index.html link
  • A new window will appear this is the debugger of the browser extension
  • Go to network tab

On Firefox, you can go to: about:debugging#/runtime/this-firefox

  • locate Passbolt and click Inspect
  • A new tab for the console of the browser extension will appear.
  • Go to the network tab

While reproducing the error, you should see a red line, and if you click on this red line, we need the output displayed on the response.


Hello _jc,

Thanks for the steps. Tried the steps and found that I am getting the 403 error on the console.

Payload :

Where as my IP is whitelisted on WAF, VM etc.


Other APIs with the https://DOMAIN/resources.json?api-version=v2XXXXXX are working fine but getting issue for the specific payload.

Is it a data issue ?


As @remy said earlier in this post:

And I can see in your screenshot you get a 403 Forbidden from the Microsoft Azure Application Gateway. I don’t know why. :confused: