SMTP with Entra ID Microsoft (App Registrations)

Hi @all,

I’m setting up SMTP for Passbolt with SMTP on Microsoft Entra ID.

However, I cannot authenticate the account. I am following the guide here: Quickstart: Register an app in the Microsoft identity platform - Microsoft identity platform | Microsoft Learn.

The error I’m receiving is:

Pls help me

Hello @tritm and welcome to the forum!
I can’t see the error you mentioned. Could you also provide us with all the information that the template asks for when you create the theme so that we can help you better?

Thank you @Termindiego25 ,

It seems like the problem is on Microsoft’s side, I’m just looking to see if anyone has successfully configured it and can give me the instructions.

After all, I’m so tired of this, I set up an SMTP on my personal account that’s not Entra ID for ease :slight_smile:

Authentication unsuccessful