Support for Passbolt as a Private entity ^^

Hello Passbolt-Team,

I know your product is more focused towards Business and that there is a Community Edition.

The other part is how can I support Passbolt without any programming skills but with investment. To give the hardworking team at Passbolt a coffee or two with some sandwiches. (As a thank you for working so hard!)

Also, until now, I cannot use Passbolt as mentioned before in forum since there is no TOTP Support yet. (I know the roadmap is there… :wink: )

So instead of coming in as a business to buy a license for a Software I cannot use yet - I would rather support Passbolt to boost morale. ([ulterior motive] speed things along “Evil thoughts!” to get essential features in the product.) → More coffee and sandwiches from the community would be an incentive too. :slight_smile:


However, I supported my local gym this way for a long time so it is possible. :joy:

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Thank you for your kind proposal @Valvaris. One of the best way to supports passbolt and boost morale is actually not through financial donations! Personally what makes my day is when people say that they are happy with passbolt and that we’re doing a good job :smiley: .

People with technical issues have obviously more reasons to be vocal, so it’s nice to hear from the “silently happy” part of the community. We love to see good written reviews on browser/mobile stores, or on sites like g2, or generally see people promote passbolt content, and we will repost such positive feedback internally to cheer ourselves up from time to time.



Hello @Passbolt-Team,

I really meant it as a true incentive if I could contact you directly, I would love to invest in to Passbolt!


I see potential in Passbolt to be a true competitor to the traditional Password Manager market.

Best regards

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You can share in your organization this votation to help Passbolt to achieve the award


Since we’re not public traded (yet? :smiley:), we’ve been talking with @kevin about maybe doing something in the form of a crowdfunding campaign (through a specialised 3rd party to reduce paperwork), where people could own a part of passbolt. Even if it’s just a thought at the moment, not a concrete plan, I think this would be pretty cool for the community to be a shareholder.


this would be AWESOME!!! Everyone has a chance to join in - Great idea.