The description field is saved now encrypted by default

An actual Passbolt (community) installation (3.2.1/3.2.3) does encrypt the description field by default.

An encrypted description field has three disadvantages:

  1. it is impossible to search its content
  2. the unencryption does take a long time (5… 10 seconds)
  3. it is not possible to change this behavior after storing
  • Where can I customize that this field is unencrypted by default?
  • It is possible to improve the unencryption performance by factor 10 or more
  • It is possible to change the behavior of passbolt so that the owner can decide to store the entry unencrypted after it was stored encrypted - please provide an option in the section passbolt - administration e.g.

Also possible to move this functionality to the comment field, but then it is neccessary to bring it into the create/edit dialog. And note: also here the performance is poor!

Regards - Michael

Hi @mebersbach

There is currently a poll about this request where you can upvote.

Unfortunately, the only way for now is to click on the little padlock to make the description field unencrypted.

Best regards,