The "Sorry, the server key has changed" page displayed on "Private navigation window"

Hi !

I tried to open Passbolt from a Private window of my browser (Firefox). Same with “Multi-Account Containers” plugin.
It came up with the page “Sorry, the server key has changed”.

If i go on my “normal window”, event logged out i don’t have the problem.

I have verified the fingerprint with a “gpg --fingerprint” and all seems to be good. The server key hasn’t change since it’s primary install.

Is this is normal ? Do I miss something ?
I searched around, and none of the existing topics about this page is talking about this behavior.

Thanks !

Hi @pmo I think this is normal/expected at the moment. An issue was opened awhile back Passbolt is not compatible with Firefox Multi-Account Containers · Issue #41 · passbolt/passbolt_browser_extension · GitHub. There is some more related info there.

Thank you @garrett.
I don’t see direct reference of the page “Sorry, the server key has changed” in the linked thread, but if the Extension “knows” the “nomal server’s fingerprint” and is unable to share it with the server when browsing from “Private” or “Container” tab, it sounds normal that we have this error.
I think a more explicit error should be displayed, so that we don’t have to check fingerprint each time a user uses Passbolt in “Private” window.

@pmo I think it might be a Firefox issue. Does this also occur with Chrome in private windows?

@garrett I don’t use Chrome so I don’t know. I’ll try when I can (for now, i have e-mails problems on my Passbolt server, so it’s impossible to activate the Extension in Chrome).

If it can help you, here is a SQL request who will display pending activation links (replace passbolt.domain.tld with your passbolt domain):

SELECT u.username AS EMAIL, CONCAT('https://passbolt.domain.tld/setup/install/',, '/', at.token) as URL 
FROM users u
INNER JOIN authentication_tokens at ON at.user_id =
WHERE = 1;