TOTP Blank page when clicking view

Hi guys, I recently upgraded to 4.3.0 and was trying the TOTP feature, however after adding TOTP for one of the password records, when I click on the View icon, it just goes to a blank page and nothing else, I have to refresh to get back.

Hello @shootify , this if from mobile app, web, browser extension…?

web browser… when I clicked on the TOTP to reveal the code it just went to black screen. I have to reload the browser to take it back.

Have you v4.3.0 on the extension and the server?
You can check it on the bottom right corner of the web, hovering over the heart icon

i have the latest 4.3.0 however when I hoover the heart icon shows 4.3.1?

also on mozilla firefox extension doesnt work, shows navigator.lock undefined.

which version of firefox are you using? is it up to date?

it happens on firefox and chrome both latest Version

We also had the same issue on several pwd. We have noticed that the secrets had been added manually with a trailing space. It seems that the mobile app is removing it dynamically while the browser plugin does not. Without this trailing space the issue has disappeared.

Hello everybody :wave:,

I confirm what @Boxtal said. The reason is that when manually setting a TOTP with the advanced options, we can use characters that are actually not allowed in the browser extension. To go into more details, the secret should be a string formatted in Base32. In other words it allows only:

  • characters: “A” to “Z”
  • numbers: “2” to “7”
  • it can also ends with multiple “=”

If other characters are used, there’s a good probability to crash at the moment. However, on the incoming version 4.4.0, the browser extension will show an error message and not crash when it happens. So the extension remains usable without refreshing the page and as a user we will better understand what’s going on.

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