Unable to locate files (configs, logs), here's a quick fix to locate anything within a system

Are you trying to locate files within your distro for debugging purposes ?

There is a package for unix named mlocate

To install it you can use the following:

// Cent OS
yum install mlocate -y && updatedb
// Debian or Ubuntu 
apt-get install mlocate -y && updatedb

The first part before “&&” installs mlocate. The second command “updatedb”, updates the .db file with all files within the system.

Usage Example:

locate passbolt


lets say you looking for a specific file, you can pipe the output to grep:

locate passbolt | grep -i passbolt.php


This way you can retrieve exactly what you are looking for. This goes for log files, config files. Basically any file that is on your system.

Log File example:

If you recently installed a package and cannot find it using locate. That means the automatic cron has not run yet. You can force the db to update using updatedb

Enjoy :slight_smile:


Thanks for sharing this kind of tip :+1:

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