Unraid Installation Issue(s)

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I have been trying to get Passbolt CE installed on Unraid for two days.

I keep getting stuck in a perpetual loop of receiving signup email, opening in browser, browser complaining about plug-in not being installed. Plug-in for certain IS installed lol

Health check-obviously a bunch of issues but with Unraid no idea how to “go down the list”:

Keep trying to attach Health Check but only two links per post per new user? Why is everything about this so complicated. Sigh


The alternative to this is sometimes that it is not an option at all. :grin:

I have no idea what to do help with unraid, someone else will need to jump in. But can you please post the healthcheck into the thread instead of linking? Triple backticks above and below it for better viewing, thanks.

And welcome to the forum @blaine07!

Triple back ticks? Yeah I tried to put my health check in main post but it kept complaining about only 2 urls per post per new user or something. I didn’t understand what it wanted me to do.

Even when I try to back tick:

We can paste in images, and copy in text.

It looks like:

… and produces this:

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No links needed, most of the time.

Hey @blaine07 I’m fairly sure I just replied to you over at the unraid forum

For the browser extension issue a potential fix for that is:

  • remove the extension
  • get the email with the link
  • click the link and be prompted to install the extension

Since I set up a lot of testing environments sometimes the browser extension will get “stuck” for me if I had been connected to a different instance and try to set up a new one. This tends to fix that issue