Update 2.6 LDAP An internal error occured [Pro]


we just tried to update our Testinstallation to 2.6. Happy about LDAP Integration in the new administration section. If we try to activate the user directory the switch is not working and a flyout appears with the message “Error: An internal error occured”.

In the log file we see:

2018-12-04 20:28:08 Error: [Error] Call to a member function get() on null
Request URL: /directorysync/settings.json?api-version=v2
Referer URL: https://pass-test.sub.domain/app/administration/users-directory

Update worked properly. LDAP was configured before and worked.

What would be a task to solve the situation?

Hello @kingfisher,

Are the properties defaultUser and defaultGroupAdminUser defined in your config/ldap.php?
If yes, are they targeting existing passbolt users? These properties should contain the email of the desired users.

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