Update from v2 to v3 on centos 7


I’m considering updating my Passbolt installation to version 3. However, as I’ve read an updating instruction here, I see that there is some misunderstanding. I’ve installed Passbolt via an installation script (without any connection with the repository). But in the instruction, someone wrote that I should pull data from git.

How can I update an app in my case?

Hi @marcus If you are going from v2 to v3 you we reference that as an upgrade instead of an update. But on the upgrade page I see a mention of Centos is missing.

@remy do we have an upgrade guide for Centos?

I can’t wait :slight_smile: @remy ?
As I see Passbolt CE is called PRO now? It means that it’s a paid option?

Hi @marcus,

There is no guide at the moment to upgrade from Centos7 / passbolt v2.X to either Cento 8 or Centos 7 for passbolt v3. We’ll schedule some work soon to publish such documentation.

Passbolt CE is still Passbolt CE and it is and will remain free forever. I’m not sure why you think it’s called Pro now or a paid option, did you see something somewhere that made you think this?


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@marcus If it were me I might try this:

  1. Do a backup of folders and DB, create a clone, etc
  2. Get a running copy of v2 working from an install based on git source code
  3. Follow the CE->Pro guide while using the source code for the CE v3 instead.

Then you don’t have a history based on installation scripts.

@garrett if I’ve understood you well, you propose me to install again v2 but this time from git and then switch to v3?

@marcus Right, there was a move away from installation scripts in Debian/Ubuntu to a package approach and these got step-by-step upgrade writeups. I’m not aware of a Centos package in the works. However, if you had a source code install you could just pull the updated code in the course of the upgrade processes.

I’m not sure if this approach would be promoted by everyone here, but it’s one way. In the end, generally speaking, make backups, get the v3 files in place, and then add back in your backed up config, avatars, server keys and other pieces/parts for your specific install, run db migrations, do cleanup, etc. and the app will recognize these changes as you start working with it again.

You could instead also copy the current passbolt directory to the side and start with a v3 git install but my concern in recommending that was not knowing your current setup. If there is a problem it might be hard to tell what is causing it since we are upgrading and changing install methods at the same time. If you are able to confirm a functional source code install based on a previous version tag, then pulling new changes should be pretty straightforward.

Sorry there is a not already a clear step-by-step but hopefully some of this helps you. Post back with any technical questions, and someone in the forum will help. There’s a good number of Centos users so others feel free to chime in.