User images does not display on /auth/login after backup and restore < v3.2

Hi all,

Not sure what to call this.

Local Setup:

  • Debian 11 & Ubuntu 20.04 (Both VM’s)
  • Apache with PHP 8.1
  • Latest Passbolt Version
  • With 1 user
    • User has a custom profile image.
    • User has 10 random generated accounts

I was testing the backup and restore method because I noticed a slight glitch.

I completely destroyed the VM and started from scratch (made a backup).
Installed a fresh Debian 11 & Ubuntu 20.04

  • Apache with PHP 8.1
  • Latest Passbolt.

Restored the user data from the backup created. This is where I confirmed the glitch. (not sure if i should call it a glitch).

After I restored and logged In I noticed that the profile image was displaying when logged in but if i logged out the image does not display in /auth/login. I logged in and out multiple times just to double check.

Logged In:

Logged Out: /auth/login

Tested this on both Ubuntu 20.04 & Debian 11

Quality on images are not too great due to screenshots in a VM then editing out the email.