User list display Issue

Hello everyone, using an administrator account, suddenly we cannot see the Users page correctly, it seems that it does not complete (red bar at the bottom does not move further).

I tried to create a new user, but the following error message appeared:

However, the user is successfully created, both because if I try to recreate it, I am told that the user already exists and because the user has normally received the email with an invitation to register.

At the moment, therefore, it is not possible for us to delete users and we cannot check whether new registrations are always successful.

We can see items with shared credentials correctly.

Could you help me ?!
Many thanks in advance

Hello @agilex,

Some users are experiences issues with the latest browser extension, long story short, with some environments (mainly old versions of the passbolt API) the browser extension is constraining the data too strictly. We worked on fixes to handle the main issues that we released the last week and we keep working to handle the new coming problems.

You can refer to this post which summarizes the main issues and their workarounds: Browser extension v3.0.0 - data issues identified for users using passbolt since v1

If the problems persist after applying the workarounds, could you please details your post with:

  • The version of the API
  • The version of the browser extension
  • The output of the browser extension console which highlights the error you are encountering

Let us know how it goes for you, and sorry for the inconvenience.

Hi @cedric , many thanks for your response.
unfortnatley the solution proposed doesn’t compliant to us issue.
Now, I’d like to compile the fields you requaired… but pleas help me where I can find “The version of the API”.

Many Thanks in advance

Hey @agilex,
On the bottom right you will see a heart :heart: icon, mouse over to see the 2 versions.
1st one is the API, the second the browser extension.
Also, that will be interesting to have the console logs from the browser extension to better assist you.

  • On Chrome:
    New tab > go to chrome://extensions > look for passbolt card > details > inspect views section > click index.html > copy errors under console tab
  • On Firefox:
    New tab > go to about:debugging#/runtime/this-firefox > look for passbolt card > Click inspect > copy errors under console tab

Let us know,


Formidable !
thanks so match !!!

Hi @agilex,

Let us know if everything works as expected for you.
If not can you check that your browser extension is the latest (3.0.4) and retry the operation.

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Hi @cedric ,
I’m using the version 3.0.3, how i can update ?

On Firefox you can go on about:plugins

On Chrome you can go on chrome://extensions/

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Perfect !
The issue is solved with the upgrade ! Thanks so much !