Validity period of invitation 72H

It seems to be from the latest version of passbolt .3.5.
User invitation emails no longer expire in 72 h as before, is this a bug or change in this latest version?

Hi @Witty ,

The default settings for token validity hasn’t changed since 3 years: passbolt_api/config/default.php at beb4b528f2760f24cfc8221d22a4ccac76bcec9b · passbolt/passbolt_api · GitHub

This can be adjusted in app.php file or with environment variables.


It’s funny that I invited a user to passbolt and 7 days later he was able to register with the same invitation email… and this only happened with the latest version of passbolt…

Any ideas about this feactures?

@Witty The register token expires in 10 days by default.