Very Positive Feedback


I’m brand new to Passbolt as of yesterday. I lead a small development team at a marketing shop, and implementing a password management system that was simple enough for everyone to use had me stumped for a few days. Perosonally I’ve used a combination of NextCloud and Keepass, but this proved difficult to set up for my team (groups, permissions, sharing, etc).

As soon as I discovered Passbolt I got pretty excited, if I could have wished an application into existence, it would have been this one (legit, open source, PHP based password manager). Within an hour I had the system up and running on an Ubuntu16 Digital Ocean droplet, and it’s absolutely perfect. The installation instructions were easy to follow, and it meets our needs perfectly. I cannot express my gratitude enough for Passbolt. I have no constructive criticisms at this point, just lots of thank you’s.


@RyanKozak on behalf of the team, thanks for the positive feedback, it means a lot to us!