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Ive got a Centos 7 installation, followed this https://medium.com/passbolt/passbolt-on-centos-7-with-nginx-php7-fpm-mariadb-from-scratch-7b2a9b15f3a4 guide from Kevin Muller.

Ive managed to get the mail to work now, but the URL provided in the message is wrong.
It shows http localhost
It should show Https passbolt.int.mydomain.se

Any Idea?

edit: passbolt version 1.6.9


It’s probably that you haven’t configured the option “App.fullBaseUrl” in the app/Config/core.php configuration file.


It is set, if i use healtcheck it shows my correct URL.

“Full base url is set to https://passbolt.int.mydomain.se


  • To configure CakePHP to use a particular domain URL
  • for any URL generation inside the application, set the following
  • configuration variable to the http(s) address to your domain. This
  • will override the automatic detection of full base URL and can be
  • useful when generating links from the CLI (e.g. sending emails)
    //Configure::write(‘App.fullBaseUrl’, ‘https://passbolt.mydomain.jak.se’);

If what you pasted is from your config file, then you forgot to uncomment the line. Remove the // in front of it, and it should start working :wink:

is it possible to reset my life?
thanks btw

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