What is the current roadmap for audit logs to be available?

We use Passbolt for a number of items and have been waiting on an audit log type feature. Has there been any updates?

It would be nice to have audit reporting and be able to pull all activity for a period or specific item, rather then just view it per password. Along with that, we would like enhanced notifications such as when a password is used, viewed, etc.

Thank you

Hi @boltsecure1 Welcome to the forum! The team doesn’t announce specific timetables for feature completion, only what is getting focus. I’ll let a dev respond to your description of desired functionality.

Tagging @remy so he notices when he gets a chance.


A batch of functionalities that will be of interest for you will be part of the “Advanced admin reports” and “Password expiry” fonctionalities.

Currently we’re working on supporting SSO with Azure, which is the most requested feature. As well as doing the migration to manifest v3, which brings no value to our users but that is forced upon us by the almighty google.

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Great, thank you Remy! We’ll keep an eye out for the Advanced Admin Reports.

Thank you