What's the Soundtrack to Your Hustle? 🎵

Hey, passbolt DJs! :guitar:

Every version of passbolt has its own acompanying track, a beat as cool as the release. Every line of code, every sysadmin task, there’s a rhythm behind it. What tracks make your fingers fly over the keys?

Passbolt version 4 is all about rebel anthems :metal: – those songs that make you feel invincible while tackling difficult code or server management chaos. It’s a lot of work choosing a song for each release, but a labour of love.

Want a passbolt release named after your favourite anthem? Share a link to your favourite rebellious song and it could be chosen for the next release.

Need some inspiration? Check out the playlist for v4 on YouTube and Spotify!

Drop those tracks and let’s make some code-rocking magic together! :rocket: