When I log in with an app scan, App will quit immediately

I turned on the mobile configuration this way, and saw the QR in Profile, but used the app scan to log in.
Will quit immediately.

Passbolt mobile app is here… Beta testers needed! | by Maxence Zanardo | Nov, 2021 | passbolt

help !!!

Hi @dancoder :wave: ,

Are you able to reach your self-hosted passbolt instance in a web browser from your Android phone ?
Are you using HTTPS and a self-certificate ?
Which Android phone do you have ? And which Android version ?
Which passbolt version are you running and on which os ?

Thanks !

  1. I can access my passbolt from my mobile browser.
  2. no https
  3. huawei
  4. last version 、ubuntu 20.04

Thanks for your answers, and which Huawei phone do you have ?
With which Android version ? You can go to parameters, then about this phone.

Hi @dancoder ,

I made some tests and https is needed to be able to use the mobile app. If I try to use it on a non-https passbolt instance, I have the same behavior like you.

You should enable https setup.


Wow, that’s great.
Thank you very much for your help… :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

i wish you a happy life and smooth work.