Why is Passbolt browser extension 2.0.6 not on github?


I’m using Chrome, and it just informed me that it has updated the Passbolt browser extension to 2.0.6. I am a bit concerned about that fact that such a release doesn’t seem to exist in Github:


Has the extension been hacked, or is the Github repo out-of-date?

Extension version v2.0.5 was breaking backward compatibility issue with version v1.6.9 of the API. The extension v2.0.6 is roll back to the previous knowing working version (v1.6.10) just with a different version number.

See. Version issue: update the server

We’ll communicate more about that in the short future, just give us a moment to catch our breath.

Hi remy,

ah, yes, I’d also stumbled over that issue with 1.6.9, but I just went ahead and upgraded our server to 2.0.5 to resolve that :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply!

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