Windows application developer edition v0.5.0 🚀

Hey @scadra ,

yes its a VM.

according to : Passbolt Help | Using Windows App.

I just downloaded it from the MS-Store and was running the .exe.

  • Windows 10 10.0.19045
  • Windows 11 Build 22621

The Windows 11 is a totaly fresh server with no configuration (Besides Updates). The Passbolt.exe also keeps crashing.

The Credentials are getting saved in Credential Management and there seems nothing to be blocked. It’s just wierd that its starts totally fine and as soon as the credentials are saved the .exe stops working.

Maybe its because I don’t run Passbolt over Visual Studio?

Okay, by curiosity, which VM do you use ?

I think it’s safer to use the application from the store honestly.

If you restart the app after the crash does it crash immediately as well or do you have the screen to import your account? (I’m trying to determine if it’s the credential manager access that is in cause or something elsewhere)

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The Windows 10 VM is running on Proxmox.
The Windows 11 VM is running on Hyper-V

If I open up the App for the first time I can upload the Account-Kit and put in my passphrase. After the Passphrase-Credentials the App crashes immediately.

The Credentials are saved in Credential-Manager.

If I delete all 3 information in the credential-manager. The App works again and I’m pretty much add “first step” so which means “upload your account-kit”.

So I think its the credential-manager but not really sure because I need to delete all 3 confoigurations in the credential-manager (Configuration, Meta and the other one)

I’ve tried with a Windows 10 virtual machine using VirtualBox to try and reproduce it, but I get a different error when I import the account kit.
I have generated a new account kit and when I try to import it (either the VM or my laptop) I get this error after clicking the import button

Fortunately, I have the old account kit that I used on my laptop last month and it worked as expected in both scenarios (I couldn’t reproduce the Zenux issue).
Since the newly generated account kit is causing my problem, is it possible that a recent update is generating the wrong account kit?

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Hey @Termindiego25 !

Thank you for giving a test. This error you had is expected for the moment. We had to change the account kit format and it requires an update of the windows app.



Thanks for your reply, I want to be sure of a point : Do you have access to your web app through your virtual machine ? I am saying this assumption because when the API is not exposed to a dedicated DNS or simply when the virtual machine cannot reach the API : missing internet connexion for example, it will crash.

Can you try to open edge and point to your trusted domain and see if you reach it.

In case of not you can edit the hosts file : Modify your hosts file and match the IP from the web app and the trusted domain

Hi again @Zenux !

I tried to grasp some info on the Internet (“the standard procedure” some would called).
There is something that could help us to know where the problem comes from.

After a crash, normally, Windows creates a minidump file that could be used to investigate the source of the crash.

It is located in %LOCALAPPDATA%/CrashDumps. It’s a folder where you should find some *.dmp files.

Could you try to reproduce the crash and share this file with us if you’re okay with that please :pray: ?

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Hey @scadra ,

Thanks! for pointing that out. I went through the SSL/HTTPS configuration on Passbolt.php and nginx-site-enable and now it works.

After I made some changes on the System and downloaded a fresh Account-Kit Passbolt doesn’t crash anymore.


@Steph Problem solved! Thanks for your help :slight_smile:



Happy to read that and hope the app will help you !
We will by the way investigate how to help the user to avoid/prevent this kind of issue in the future. Thanks for it

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i have the same proble, can you tell me what should i do to resolve pls

The release process of the Windows app v0.6 has started and the new version should be available this week, if everything goes as expected.


Very nice! Will this auto-update via Windows Store?

If the auto-update is turned on, it should. If it does not, then we will learn something.

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Hello everybody :wave:t2: !
For information the version 0.6.0 if the Windows app is published and it should fix the problem where we couldn’t import a fresh account kit at first startup