Windows application developer edition v0.5.0 🚀

Passbolt Windows App Version 0.5.0: Beta Release

Introducing the Passbolt Windows App Beta version 0.5.0, now available for everyone. This release is a step forward in our commitment to collaborative password management, extending our reach into the Windows platform.

This update is significant for two reasons. First, it has achieved Microsoft Store certification, allowing everyone to download it directly from the store.

Fig. Passbolt Windows App in the Microsoft Store (source: Microsoft Store)

Secondly, the app is nearing a feature-complete status, bridging the functional gap with the browser extension. It also conceals elements that are not yet available, like the administration settings. Put simply, the application is almost ready to be used by non-administrator users in production.

Fig. Passbolt Windows App capability matrix (source: Google drawing)

How to test this beta version?

As of now you still need a configured browser extension to transfer your account to the desktop app. We’re working towards making it fully independent, as planned in our roadmap.

If you need assistance testing this version, feel free to ask for help on this topic.

Enable the Desktop App feature flag

With API v4.4, the desktop app is still an experimental feature, therefore you need to manually enable its flag. The Upcoming v4.5 of the API will enable it by default.

If you are running passbolt with docker, set to true the environment variable


Otherwise, edit your /etc/passbolt/passbolt.php to add the following:

return [
  "passbolt" => [
    "plugins" => [
      "desktop" => [
        "enabled" => true

Download the Account Kit

After enabling the plugin, you can download your account kit from the web application under your profile workspace.

Fig. Desktop app setup in the web profile workspace (source: Passbolt)

Configure the desktop application

After downloading the application from the store and starting it you will just have to follow the instructions and that’s it.

Fig. Desktop app get started screen (source: Passbolt)

Fig. Upload the account in the desktop app (source: Passbolt)

What’s Next?

The next milestone would be to support all features for non-admin users and make the app independent of the browser extension. This will help organisations running strict policies regarding browsers to rollout passbolt on all your users base.

In order to consider the application as production ready, an audit will be conducted by a third party in the coming months. As usual the pen-test results will be made available to all on the help site.

In the meantime if you are interested in giving a shot to this version and share with the community your feedback, it will help make this application better.

If you want to see the code of this application checkout the app’s repository on GitHub. Build instructions are available in the README.


and nothing helps. Reset\Reinstall and so on :frowning:

what was done: I had a server 4.3.0. Downloaded account kit with 4.3.0. Didn’t work
Upgraded to 4.4.1 - still the same issue. Didn’t find a way how to submit a new kit to the app. When it starts - gives the error above. Everything works fine with Chrome

Hello! The app is amazing and helpful to access our vault without having to open the web browser first.
Just a question/suggestion. Have you thought about using Windows Hello or Microsoft SSO to log in automatically when you open the app?

Hey @xaaru ,

Regarding your error can you open your credential manager and clear the entries from passbolt and retry to launch the application. (To submit a new account kit)

Did you build the application previously ? Cause if it is the case the keyring from your application is compromise and you should clear your credential manager.

By the way do you have any error logs inside the API to investigate this error ?

@Termindiego25 Thanks a lot for your comment !!

Regarding Hello we are still investigating the risk, we did some investigations regarding this topics and we still have some shadow zone regarding the security. It is why we did not take the decision to push for it for the moment since we are not sure to trust it.

For SSO it is not plan, but if you want SSO inside the windows app you can generate a feature request for !

Thanks for your feedback

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Thanks @scadra
I’ve cleared credentials - same situation.
No, we don’t have any proxy, just standard nginx on the server, and standard section " # Managed by Passbolt"

The account kit is not available on the cloud passbolt app…


Hey @gguedikian,

It will be available with the next release so soon you will be able to test it !

Hey there :slight_smile:

Sorry for the eventually dumb question - but i cant get the “Desktop Plugin” to work :frowning: Can someone please send me a Screenshot how the config file looks after adding the “enabling” Code?

Hey @maieredv.manuel,

Depending of your configuration if you use docker you can set it by an environment variable PASSBOLT_PLUGINS_DESKTOP_ENABLED.

Here is an example :

Tell me if it helps you

Hey @scadra

Thanks for your post. I forgot to mention that ive installed passbolt on an Debian machine - so i need to edit the passbolt.php config file.

Thanks you!

It is not working when adding that lines to plugins ?

Which Browser extension and API are you using ?

Hey :slight_smile:

I saw that but i dont know how to add it to my config file :wink:

Actually it looks like this:

Now i dont know where to add the plugin lines :-/

You only need to add the “plugins” section, e.g. after the ssl section:


YAY! Thank you :slight_smile: Worked like a charm :smiley:

I can download my Account Kit but cant upload it :frowning:

OK - got it!
When i move the file to C:\account-kit.passbolt then its working.

That was easy to install :rocket:

Bravo! Easy to and install and works great :tada:

The windows app looks good (I see skins are coming). Love that the app is in the Windows Store for easy downloading and updates. The accountkit.passbolt file was easy to download/upload from my profile. Everything works perfect :100:

Great Work Passbolt Developers :rocket:


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@Duffman thanks a lot for your feedback :fire:

We have published a new version 0.5.1 to add the capabilities from desktop app to reach a private intranet. Thanks to @xaaru for its support and testing :rocket:

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Installation works fine :slight_smile:

Question: (sorry i follow it not in deph) there seems not an “Auto-Type” Option right now like Keypass have, is this one the Roadmap? ( I mine for get logins to applications like dont know “Steam” or what ever)

Check the subject of this thread. There’s a roadmap. And there’s a autofill feature

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