Windows Application developer edition v0.1 🚀

The team is pleased to announce the availability of passbolt’s Windows desktop application as an early alpha for developers only.

Selecting the stack to support this new client has been a long journey. If you don’t want to hear all the specs, the chosen implementation uses Microsoft Microsoft Webview 2 in WinUI 2 (UWP).

With this early alpha version, access and use of passwords is possible in the same way as it is with the browser extension.

Did we mention that this is an early alpha? The desktop application is still in the initial stages of development, but it’s expected to perform most of the functions of the browser extension in the near future.

As always, the high-level requirements are publicly available documents and will be updated regularly to include missing components. For example, the journeys to associate a new or existing account are missing from this Developer Edition v0.1, but are scheduled to come in the next releases.

The applications repository is also publicly available and accessible to everyone on github. You can read more about the process to build the application in the repository readme.

Stay tuned, things are moving fast with the Windows app!


I’m just going to say it because someone will need to read this at some point…

“For developers only” means no forum support or troubleshooting on this version until noted otherwise.

Discussion = ok
Contributions = ok
Asking for help because you can’t get it working = please don’t.