Active/Passive High Availability

Is there any Active/Passive High Availability features already built in or in the works? As this could become a critical server it would be nice to have some high availability.

Hi @mbushouse,

Currently Passbolt doesnt provide any active-passive HA features. Could you describe a little bit more the use case/scenario?
You could setup mutliple instances of passbolt to avoid a single poinf of failure but that is completely up the operator.

With the nature of the GPG key and fingerprints, is it even possible to have active-active HA with Passbolt? Even with NFS, I’m not sure this is possible. Can two servers share a GPG keyring?

@et478539 It’s possible, we’re using a HA setup here at passbolt.
Both webheads will have different keyring with the same content in it. Passbolt is designed to import user public keys in the keyring if they they are missing. So the only “persisted state” for the keyring should be the server secret key.