After install "An Internal Error Has Occurred." when trying to create new password

Hi !

Right after a fresh install of Passbolt, I can’t create a new password. Every time I try, I get a modal dialog with this error: “An Internal Error Has Occurred.”

System specs:
Debian 10
Maria DB 10.3.27
PHP 7.3.27
Latest Passbolt CE

The error in /var/log/passbolt/error.log

2021-06-07 09:39:11 Error: [Cake\Database\Exception\NestedTransactionRollbackException] Cannot commit transaction - rollback() has been already called in the nested transaction in /usr/share/php/passbolt/vendor/cakephp/cakephp/src/Database/Connection.php on line 562
Request URL: /resources.json?api-version=v2&contain%5Bpermission%5D=1&contain%5Bfavorite%5D=1

I also get this error in the chrome console but I think it’s related to the previous error.

{stack: "PassboltApiFetchError: An Internal Error Has Occur…mhafipceonhjepacocaffmoppf/index.min.js:13346:29)", message: "An Internal Error Has Occurred.", name: "PassboltApiFetchError", data: {…}}
body: ""
code: 500
__proto__: Object
message: "An Internal Error Has Occurred."
name: "PassboltApiFetchError"
stack: "PassboltApiFetchError: An Internal Error Has Occurred.\n    at ApiClient.fetchAndHandleResponse (chrome-extension://didegimhafipceonhjepacocaffmoppf/index.min.js:37589:13)\n    at async ResourceService.create (chrome-extension://didegimhafipceonhjepacocaffmoppf/index.min.js:38859:22)\n    at async ResourceModel.create (chrome-extension://didegimhafipceonhjepacocaffmoppf/index.min.js:32936:25)\n    at async ResourceCreateController.main (chrome-extension://didegimhafipceonhjepacocaffmoppf/index.min.js:10286:18)\n    at async Port.<anonymous> (chrome-extension://didegimhafipceonhjepacocaffmoppf/index.min.js:13346:29)"

All is OK in the healthcheck

Steps to reproduce:

Click on “Create”
Fill all the input name, URI, Username, Password and Description
Click on “Create”

Then the error appears.

I’ve found a solution

  1. sudo -u www-data /bin/cake migrations migrate
  2. sudo -u www-data bin/cake cache clear_all

And password creation works as expected !