Allow focusing "Remember for 5 minutes" checkbox with Tab key

Q1. What is the problem that you are trying to solve?
I am trying to speed up interactions with the user interface.

Q2 - Who is impacted?
Everyone that wants to use the “Remember for 5 minutes”.

Q3 - Why is it important and/or urgent?
Usability is important. It’s very annoying to move your hand to the mouse just to click a checkbox before moving back to the keyboard.

Q4 - What is your proposed solution? (optional)
Allow pressing Tab key to focus the “Remember for 5 minutes” checkbox which allows pressing space to “check” the checkbox before pressing Enter.

This has been suggested before: As a user on the login screen or master password dialog, my cursor should get auto focused on the password field · Issue #115 · passbolt/passbolt_api · GitHub

A related feature would be an option to have this box checked by default.

Q5. Community support
People can vote for this idea to show traction:

  • :ok_woman: Must have: this is critical for me to have this
  • :raising_hand_woman: Should have: this is important for me to have this
  • :tipping_hand_woman: Could have: this could be nice to have
  • :no_good_woman: Won’t have: we should not schedule this (explain why)

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Done as part of v3.0 released in Feb 2021.