Apache2 - all sites stops working when configuring Passbolt as vhost or conf.d


I have a perculiar problem… every time I enable my .conf in either /conf.d or /vhost.d all webservers on the hosts stops responding, including the ones configured at /srv/www/htdocs.

In fact… I’m not sure this is a problem relating to Passbolt - as I’m at the same time started experimenting with LXC on ProxMox.

My setup:

  • SLES 15 SP3 running as LXC on ProxMox
  • Apache2 2.4.43 with PHP 7.4.6

Installation passed on without any problems, but I did have some problem finding a conf file for apache - but ended up using an adapted version of the on from: Install and Setup Passbolt Password Manager on Ubuntu 20.04 - kifarunix.com

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Hi @BlackAdderDK :wave: and welcome to this forum :handshake:

If all configured hosts stop responding when you enable passbolt .conf file, I guess there is some bad config in your Passbolt virtualhost file.

With Apache, there is a command to check virtualhost configuration files. Launch it as root user and you will see what is wrong:

# apache2ctl configtest

Let us know if this help you to find typos.


Oh, I forgot to say, you still have to deal with the installation from source on SLES for now, but a RPM package is on the road :zipper_mouth_face:

Hi _jc

Guess I wasn’t clear enough - I did install Passbolt form sourcefiles, without any hickups.

Apache is running fine:

MyWebSrv03:~ # apache2ctl configtest
Syntax OK

And if I use eg. instead of *:80/443 (or, then all the other webhosts starts answering…



I didn’t understood your problem, it is more clear now. Our recommendation is to install passbolt on a fresh vanilla server following this documentation: Passbolt Help | Install passbolt API from source

If you still want to use apache2 on your server with other vhosts configured on it, maybe should you have a look at the Apache vhost configuration ? I see in the documentation you followed than Passbolt is set as the default one.

How other virtualhosts are set on your server ? Can you share here your Passbolt virtualhost configuration file ?

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Just as a follow up - I noticed there was a newer version… removed the old one, reinstalled from source - everything works perfectly now… thanks

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