API login "The authentication failed"

I’m having some trouble to login with the API, and for our enviroment we really need the API, lots of users to share with lots of password groups,

so, this is my user:

when I send a POST to ‘’, with the json:








it returns me:


"header": {

    "id": "931356b6-3a2f-49fe-9efc-befcc1c2c38c",

    "status": "error",

    "servertime": 1639155856,

    "action": "a3c19ad2-8920-5395-86d0-8567cb34f382",

    "message": "The authentication failed.",

    "url": "/auth/login.json",

    "code": 200


"body": null


I have no clue about what I’m missing

Hi @ewertonmarschalk you have to look in the header of the response. See Step 3 detail here: Passbolt Help | Authentication in passbolt

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Oh, I see, I thought the nonce() would come in the body, now I get it, Thank you!

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