As a logged in user, can I be prompted to reauthenticate MFA, so I don't have to sign out, sign back in and then be prompted to reauthenticate

Basically, as the system works now, if I’m signed in but MFA expires, I will get a notice that MFA has expired, but no way to reauthenticate without signing out. Can the notice give you a prompt to reenter MFA credentials (If it also requires signing in the regular way too, that’s fine, it’s still more convenient than signing out/in). This may even just be a Google Authentication-specific thing, that’s what I’m using for MFA, on Pro 4.2.0.

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Just to be clear here, when you mention a “Google Authentication-specific thing” do you mean you are using SSO here? If so is the MFA with your SSO or the MFA within passbolt?

I have Google “TOTP authenticator” on Passbolt, where I get prompted to enter a key (after signing in) that my Google Authenticator generates into Passbolt.

The next time you get the MFA expired message can you grab a screenshot of it? I am not quite sure which message you are referring to with that

Screenshot 2023-09-26 at 08.58.14

This should be a popup, with a link to perform MFA. We’ll create a follow up task. Ref. PB-27840


Yeah, that’s the popup. I didn’t realize it was a link. I think just a prompt to re-enter MFA credentials would be preferable, but even making it obvious that the popup is a link would be great. Thanks for looking into this.