As a user the passbolt extension can auto-fill my passwords in forms

Q1. What is the problem that you are trying to solve?
This is a common password manager feature and it is missing for passbolt.

Q2 - Who is impacted?

Q3 - Why is it important and/or urgent?
It is strategic for passbolt to support common password manager features. It will improve user adoption and user experience.

Q4 - What is your proposed solution? (optional)
@kevin started working the specs here:



@kevin some interesting technical approach here: [1706.05085] Horcrux: A Password Manager for Paranoids

Instead of exposing actual credentials to the DOM, a dummy username and password are autofilled by the untrusted component. The trusted component intercepts and modifies POST requests before they are encrypted and sent over the network. Our approach only works for websites that do not manipulate entered credentials in the browser client.

auto fill forms are a awesome password safe feature! Can’t wait to see it implemented! :grinning:


Hi there!

Do you have any update on the release date of this feature ? Just asking because it was announced for Q4 2017 and we’re past mid-Q1 2018 :slight_smile:

We are currently working on the launch of passbolt pro, which will contain tags, import, export and some other goodies. The auto-fill auto-save will come after. Thanks for your patience, we’ll update the roadmap to reflect these new timelines.

Thx Remy! Glad to see such a short reaction time! I’ll probably wait for the feature to deploy it @ job.

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hm, a pro version means its a payed version? without these features, especially autofill (the most important for users) its not that practicable. the thing is to wait for these features in a payed passbolt version is not neccessary because paid tools are on the market a lot.

what are the plans?

@or909 the features will be available in the community version at a later date, they will be first available to customers only. The plans will be announced next week, thanks for your patience.

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@remy Has there been any movement on this announcement? This is the one feature stopping us from migrating to passbolt at the moment.

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same here. without that feature the costumers will hit me i think^^

“the features will be available in the community version at a later date, they will be first available to customers only.”
hey remy, within which delay are the pro features available in the community version? thanx

We do not have a ETA, we’ll keep you posted when we have one.

So all features will be available in community version?
Searched for an open source solution for private (family) use.

So without the autofill feature, we are expecting user to copy the password to clipboard, is that correct? Which also means they can ‘see’ or ‘read’ the password.
I wanted users with whom I share a password to just use it without knowing the password, is that possible?

Just a thing to keep in mind:

Autofill has it’s drawbacks.

I really like how Enpass gets around that at least partially by not doing real autofill. But their extension proposing matching credentials for the URL in the popup when going to the extension icon. User then has to doubleclick the one he wants. username/password gets filled in and optionally form submitted.

Minimal User interaction

@remosito yes that’s what we had in mind too, the autofill will require at least a user action in a secure frame.

Are there any concrete plans or dates for that feature, espacially in the community version?

Hi @mpiontek we do not have an ETA from the community edition, but it will be available in July for the pro edition.

Hi @remy - thank you for your answer! Is there any page, which i can follow to see, if and when this feature will be available on CE?

You can subscribe to the community edition newsletter:
We make major announcements by emails and on twitter also.