Assign a new user a predefined password

Hello community. I just configured a fresh install of Passbolt server for our company passwords need. The installatin went smooth. Now, my question is the following:

I am the only admin user right now. If I want to add another admin and by any chance the email invitation doesnt go out, is the a way to add a new user and add it a password?

Example: New user Test and password Testing2020.

Any help is appreciated.


I’m not sure what you are trying to do and if by password you mean a password entry in passbolt, or the private key passphrase. I assume the later.

You cannot set the user passphrase when you create a new admin. The passphrase is needed to decrypt the user private key. It is tied to the OpenPGP key and not used for anything else. The new user during the setup will generate a key pair and choose a passphrase to encrypt it.

So the closest thing you can do to what your want, is to generate private/public key pair with a passphrase of your choosing (using Gnupg or similar) and ask the user to use that key. But i’m not sure why you’d want to do this, apart from backup purpose.

Remy, thanks for the answer. I didnt know how passbolt actually worked. Sorry. Newbie here.
One quick question, do you know of a way to organize the password by customer, for example, in the free edition and if not can you upgrade your free edition to pro while maintaining your uploaded passwords??


At the moment your can use groups for example to organize your password, e.g. you would create a group by customer and define who should see/maintain the password in such group. In the coming weeks, we’ll bring down the “tag” feature to the Community Edition, so that will be another option.

Yes definitely, you can upgrade to the pro version easily from the CE (and you’ll have access to support if you run into any issue).