Autofill and Autosave

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I have set up the community addition of Passbolt. I can’t seem to find a way to turn on autofill and autosave of UN and PW. Is there a way to configure this?


Hi @gregorgregor25 I am assuming you are looking for an experience like you had with another password manager app. Passbolt does not currently save information you don’t want it to, and it doesn’t automatically fill in fields without your interaction. It’s a security feature, in either direction.

For credentials existing before passbolt, there is import functionality. For new credentials it’s recommended to create them in passbolt first. For updating credentials, update them in passbolt first. For autofill, there should be a passbolt icon conveniently available near the field.

Cheers for your response @garrett . I understand now. :+1:

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