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Do you have issues setting up passbolt? The community has your back! Please use github only to report bugs.

Important: before creating an issue please:

  1. Double check the tutorials steps and read the troubleshooting advice.
    – See. https://passbolt.com/help/tech/install

  2. Search the community forum for similar issues and try to follow the resolution steps if applicable.

  3. Provide your system information:
    – Server operating system name and version
    – Web server name and version
    – Database server name and version
    – Php version
    – Passbolt version

  4. Provide a copy of your healthcheck running as the web server user
    – See. https://passbolt.com/help/tech/install#toc_troubleshoot

  5. Describe the problem thoroughly with as much details as possible so that people can reproduce the issues.
    – What steps did you take?
    – What happened?
    – What did you expect instead?

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