Installation error on Ubuntu (unable to locate package)

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Please help me figure out why the error occurs during installation. OS Ubuntu 22.04 install on VM Hyper-V

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Hello @antonsobolev1987,

Could you please confirm it’s a fresh install and you didn’t try to install passbolt by the past already?


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I can’t reproduce it, maybe it is a cache issue or transient error downloading the repository key. Maybe just retry

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  1. apt update
  2. You can try apt-key adv --keyserver --recv-keys DE8... to add the public key. (Add the full key in place of DE8…; I can’t see the whole key.)
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Thanks to all who answered. The problem was not solved, however, I decided not to beat my forehead against the wall, and since this is a test bench, I re-raised it in the CentOS environment. And although I also had problems there, this post can be marked closed. Issues on CentOS