Troubleshooting cert error after server reboot

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Ubuntu 18.04
After server is restarted, I have narrowed down that the login page will report an error of internal error and server key not able to be verified. However, it will begin to report correctly, but only after I run a healthcheck (which always reports being fine).

I have two passbolt instances, with two sets of keys. After running healthcheck on just one (either one), the issue is resolved. I have no other issues and the two instances are in separate locations with separate keys.

It also does not appear to be a time issue…I have waited various amounts of time after a server reboot but no difference is seen.

What should I look further into? I would think a reboot would not necessitate running healthcheck?


I resolved one issue, and am left with another.

After server reboot both passbolt sites are recognizing separate server keys and I am able to log in without issue.

However, on one of the sites, the healthcheck is reporting:

[FAIL] The public key cannot be used to verify a signature.

I read elsewhere this is not a deal breaker. So I will accept this as resolved for now.

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