Cannot login to admin portal SMTP settings not configured

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Hi guys,

I’m a brand new passbolt user and new-ish to linux as well, so bear with me. I am trying to setup Passbolt on an Ubuntu 22.04 server VM. I was able to get Passbolt installed and to the initial configuration page, but when I finished the configuration and went to sign in, the page is telling me to “Check your mailbox! We sent you a link to verify your email. Check your spam folder if you do not hear from us after a while.”
Of course, I never get an email as no SMTP settings have been inputted anywhere. According to the help article here: Install Passbolt on Ubuntu 22.04 | Passbolt documentation.
it states that I should get to setup my email settings during the initial setup, however that was not an option for me when setting it up.

Does anyone have any pointers? I read in previous articles that the passbolt.php file should have an email configuration section, however mine does not.

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Hello @Sagafx and welcome to the forum!

As you said you can configure the SMTP settings though the configuration file of your passbolt server. This page should help with the procedure Configure your email server settings | Passbolt documentation.

Also, as it should be a fresh API with a recent version, you should have access to a command via the CLI that will give you the URL you would have find in the email.

On the server you should be able to run the following:

sudo su -s /bin/bash -c "./bin/cake passbolt recover_user -u <user-email>" www-data

This will give you a link you can use directly in your browser and finish your first user creation.

I am in the same situation but for my case it happened that after the SMTP email was setup and tied to a M365 mailbox, the tenant was migrated and the password also expired hence notifications are not working even for resetting password for my admin access. How can I set this SMTP probably from the terminal with a new password for the email used previously?
Any advice or help will be much appreciated.

Hi @dnjora

Login to your passbolt terminal and type the following:

sudo su -s /bin/bash -c “/usr/share/php/passbolt/bin/cake passbolt recover_user -c -u YOUR_EMAIL” www-data

When you hit enter it will spit out a link which I believe you can use to log into passbolt without email access (if I recall correctly). I’m just a fellow user, not associated with passbolt, so not 100% sure this solution will work for you, but I’m hopeful!
You can see in the screenshot below that after typing that command with the supplied user information, the terminal gives me a password reset link.

Dear Sagafx,
Thanks for your help. Unfortunately, I am getting an error that the user does not exist having entered the correct email address associated.


Not sure how to go about it now.

Hi dnjora,

Sorry to hear my solution did not work. The user account should be an email address instead of a name. Is there an email address you used when creating the user initially?

I used my official email to set up this account as the admin.
Is there a way I can confirm the list of users set up?


I haven’t done it this way myself, but given your circumstances I understand why this would be a need. I think this can be done with Passbolt-CLI.

You will need to install this and follow the instructions under " List the users" section.

Instructions here: GitHub - passbolt/passbolt_cli: Command line interface for passbolt API

Hope this helps!

If my previous reply doesn’t work, I believe the following command will allow you to create a new administrator using the CLI:

./bin/cake passbolt register_user -f ADMIN_FIRST_NAME -l ADMIN_LAST_NAME -u NEW_ADMIN_EMAIL@ORG.NET -r admin
The command will output a link. Follow this link with your browser to complete the registration of the new account.

Thank you for your help!

See below …do I need to navigate to a specific directory to run this?

which distribution did you install on?

The commands will vary a little depending on that

Thanks so much for your help. I have finally managed to recover the account Sagafx!

That’s fantastic news @dnjora. What was the fix for you?

Here is the fix: -

sudo su -s /bin/bash -c “/usr/share/php/passbolt/bin/cake passbolt recover_user -c -u YOUR_EMAIL” www-data

Seems the command you shared had a typo.

Excellent, glad you got it all squared away!

Awesome, thank you so much!