SMTP Mail Account Credentials

I have been using passbolt for three months now. Recently, I changed my mail account password which is configured for the SMTP server in passbolt. This lead to a stop in receiving any new registration or confirmation mails. I’m dead stuck at this point.

Can anyone tell me how to update the new email credentials in the SMTP server configuration?

Hi @shanmukhg,

Welcome to Passbolt’s community forum ! Can you tell us more about your passbolt installation ? As described here ?

You can find also in the help section of Passbolt website some email troubleshooting and configuration:

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I installed Passbolt CE Edition following this link : Passbolt Help | Install Passbolt CE on Ubuntu 20.04

Everything worked fine but due to this email password change im unable to recieve newer user confirmation mails.

Hi @shanmukhg,

Assuming you installed passbolt with the Ubuntu package, you can update your email credentials on your server in /etc/passbolt/passbolt.php config file.