Remembering me until logout doesn't work

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Remembering me until logout doesn’t work.

My users have to reconnect every 30 minutes or so.

I found this topic:

but I don’t understand if I have to increase the duration in passbolt.php and in php.ini? or just php.ini? And for a duration of how much for “Remember me until logout” to work


Passbolt v3.8.0, php 7.4.30, debian 11.


Yes there is an issue with the latest release of the browser extension. We’re working on a fix, it should be released earlier next week the lastest, depending on the review speed.


oh great, thanks for your reply.

A fix should have been released along the browser extension v3.8.2. Additionally your session should remain alive as long as the browser is able to connect to the API (when you checked the “remember until sign out” checkbox on the sign-in form). Let us know if it works for you.