"remember until I logout" as default

Is there a way to set the “remember until I logout” selector as default for any user login? I went through the configs in /config/ but havent seen an option to set this. I dont just want to increase the session.gc-maxlifetime but have the UI generally set to “timeout = logout” option


version: 3.1.0


I think so, but I haven’t tried this myself. If you look at default.php for examples in the plugin section, you can add the RememberMe plugin (see plugins folder for plugins available) and then choose your settings.

Add to passbolt.php config file.

I still have not found an option to overwrite the behaviour of the login screen, so that the “remember until I logout” selector is set as default.

Did anyone succeed in changing this? I want to have the login session to stay as long as the browser session is open. The recommendation from

is not an option as this would be server-wide.

It’s unlikely the behavior of the RememberMe feature would change as security is a primary focus and choosing for the user to be remembered by default without their explicit permission would not align with the overall intent of the app (and isn’t best practice). But in your organization, if you want to build your own modified extension, the page you would be looking to modify is here: passbolt_styleguide/LoginPage.js at 443e527db9ff7d4a503a14fb40a6bd36f29e5bd6 · passbolt/passbolt_styleguide · GitHub (in addition to other modifications that may be needed to achieve your desired results)

However, even a modified extension with the checkbox checked by default would not override Chrome session timeouts or garbage collection settings.

The PHP garbage collection setting is server-wide, yes. If you are not able to run passbolt in it’s own environment, you could consider using the Docker version and modify PHP there.

sorry, garret, there is no need to discuss best practices for security here.

As a paying customer, I only want to know if there is an option to edit the behaviour of this entry field without rewriting the code on my own. Your answer suggests “no, and we will not change that, help yourself”. Thanks for your cooperation.

Thank you for being a paying customer. You are always welcome to send support requests to support@passbolt.com and we are happy to provide you service or answers to your questions.

My response was hopefully aligned with our Code of Conduct for all users which includes:

  • Be Respectful
  • Be Transparent (which encourages a rationale and not just an answer)

I can specifically answer the question you only just now posed, by pointing out we have a Backlog section in the forum which allows users to discuss and request features they would like but which do not exist. As you have posted in the Customization Issues section, it should be appropriate to discuss here any modifications related to a user’s scenario.

I know we have helped you in the past, and I’m sorry that we don’t have the feature you hoped we already had. But we welcome your suggestion for a change if you are wanting to make your vote known in the Backlog section. It’s how we consider what matters to user, and I would encourage you to post there.

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