Very slow loading

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I recently upgraded to v3.3.0 and everything is working great and when running a cake health check or cake clean --dry-run, everything looks good.

However, its very slow when loading up the web interface, as well as using the extension. It takes about 15-30 seconds on each action before it moves forward to the next (click extension > type in master password > upload site password). It takes about a minute to get a password extracted via the extension.

Is there any way to perf log this, or anything I can look into to troubleshoot? I am not sure what to look for on this issue when it comes to generating logs or additional information.

I am running passbolt in a Ubuntu 20.04 container installed using the method described here. The host is an Ubuntu 20.04 ppc64el server running mysql 8.0. The container is accessing the DB over the local container network. Also, there is another container running Apache that is in acting as a forwarding proxy for passbolt, as I have other web apps and services routed through.

And I figured it out again! I did a lookup on mysql to see if that was an issue and came across this URL

enabling skip-name-resolve fixes this and everything is working as fast as it can be.

Thanks for posting the solution to your problem @krosseyed!