Docker standard image vs. Docker rootless images?

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Rpi CM4
Raspbery Pi OS lite 64bit 6.1.36-v8+
Docker 24.0.4

This is may a newbie question but I have not found an answer yet.
I like to know the difference and use condition from Docker standard image vs. Docker rootless images.
I see that ports and paths are different. Anything else?
What I realy like to know is when to use which image?

Docker rootless is made for trying to mitigate privilege scalation if someone has access to the container.

If a hacker takes control of the container, there is a possibility to exit from the container and take control of the main server, so if Docker is executed as a user different from the root, the hacker will have restricted privileges.

This is the main difference between standard Docker and rootless Docker. The ports change because non-root users can’t bind protected service ports unless you change some configurations


Thank you for the explanation, now it makes sense to me!

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