How do I migrate to a new domain?

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I have to change the domain where I am self-hosting passbolt. Is there a way to reconfigure an existing installation? Or any idea what I need to edit/hack to make the transition? Or can I pretend like I have a new installation and migrate/export all the passwords to the new accounts?
Any guidance on the least dangerous route would be appreciated.


Hi @crushian Are you keeping files on the same server and just changing the domain name? If so, that should be a easy as changing the Nginx configuration file and the passbolt configuration file to reflect the new domain.

Yes. I suppose the issue is really with the client, as there’s seems to be no way to point it to a new domain.

@crushian Just to make sure you get the right suggestions, please share the general configuration of your installation: which OS and version are you using, which webserver, etc.

I’m running Apache 2.4 on Ubuntu 18.04.4 (php is 7.2, mysql 5.7). For Passbolt, I cloned the repo and am on the latest tag v2.12.1.

@crushian One item of change is the passbolt.php file found in the app’s config folder, you’ll want to change the ‘fullBaseUrl’ entry to the new domain.

Since you are using Apache are you familiar with the configuration files for Apache to know where to make the changes? Do you have Virtual Host blocks, for example? Feel free to post the config files for guidance.

Yes, that’s the config variable I changed. Also, apache is configured correctly - I can see that with other pages/apps hosted. I guess the process is to just re-install the browser plug-in to re-configure client for the new domain.

But sadly for me, all the emails I used for were tied to the old domain too. I’m either going to try running sed on a dump of the database, then reloading it and editing the gpg keys, or just exporting all the passwords, re-installing passbolt and re-importing them into new accounts.

@crushian Are you not able to send yourself a reset email? When you reinstall the plugin after visiting the new domain, make sure to post back with results.

I was able to go into recovery in the client/browser plug-in and get things re-established.

Although, as mentioned, I also had to redo the user account domains, so I had to dump all the passwords, recreate all the keys and accounts for the new domain and import them back in. The only unfortunate part of this was that you lose info about shared passwords - they end up duplicated for all accounts. Perhaps this was an artifact of the export format I chose (lastpass csv), although a native export format that preserves all data might be something the Passbolt devs might consider as a future enhancement.

Otherwise, everything went well.

@crushian @remy Glad to hear you were able to sort it out, thanks for posting back with the update.