Extract Passwords From Database Folder

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How would I go about extracting all my passwords from the mysql database, given just the folder with the data in, and my private key?

Hello @ShadowFox88 :slight_smile:

In order to retrieve the encrypted secrets from the database, this query might be what you are looking for:

SELECT u.username, r.name, r.uri, s.data 
FROM users u 
JOIN secrets s ON u.id = s.user_id 
JOIN resources r ON s.resource_id = r.id 
WHERE u.active = 1 
AND r.deleted = 0 
AND u.username = 'YOUR_USERNAME';

I am also really interested to know why are you not using the UI in order to decrypt the secrets? Just as a fair warning, depending on how many passwords you have, you might have a tons of GPG message to decrypt, ajust the SQL query conditions if needed.

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The database has become corrupted, so I have the ibd files which store all the data, but not the actual data in the database. I can get the data from these files however.